“For a Better Gwinnett”

“I am running to improve representation, economic development, and transportation. I have lived a life of sacrifice and will continue to sacrifice for a better Gwinnett.”

Meet Roger

I’m Roger Marmol and I am running to serve the people of Gwinnett County’s 3rd district. Service is part of my life. I’ve served my country in the United States Army Infantry, served my home on the Snellville City Council, and continue to serve in numerous boards and organizations. Gwinnett is changing, we must elect leaders who not only know their localities but also leaders who are strong and willing to make the tough choices that are required to make Gwinnett great for everyone. Serving in the United States Infantry I learned the meaning of loyalty, duty, respect, and selfless service. I was willing to give my life if necessary to protect the homeland. Selfless service is required for good leadership. I will do as I have done and sacrificed for you.

I was born in Miami, Florida to a beautiful mother who did what she could to feed her four children. While some children were taking pictures with Santa I was bottle feeding and changing my sister’s diapers while my mother was working. Growing up where I grew up, college was not an option. I served in the United States Army Infantry where I was one of a handful in my Unit to obtain an Expert Infantryman Badge (EIB). I also obtained numerous ranks, honors, and was responsible for millions worth of equipment as well as the soldiers under me. I used what I learned in the military to try and better myself once my time in service was completed. I married my wife, Brittany, and we’ve been together now for over 14 years. We planted our roots in the southside of Gwinnett County. We bought a house, worked hard at numerous jobs, and managed to pay it off in 5 years. I continued to work numerous jobs from teaching elementary school to construction work in order to save money to open our own business.

While serving on the Snellville City Council I fought for accountability, innovative future downtown development, different housing alternatives as well as transportation options. While I agreed with the Council on some issues , it did not bother me to be the only voice of reason on other issues. I will always stand with the people. Gwinnett has the opportunity to elect new leadership which will shape the future to come. The future will look to us for the answers, progress, and strength. That will only come with experienced principled leadership willing to do what is right even when no one is looking. We must show the people that the future of Gwinnett will be better. We must show them that it will be inclusive and equal. We must show them not with our words but with our actions.

Why I am Running to be your next Commissioner

Gwinnett County is changing. As more and more people from thousands of backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions come to call Gwinnett their home we will see more change. The question is are we going to be different from the past or will we just become the same? I am running for Commissioner of the 3rd District to do my part in making sure we become better. With my experience being an elected official, being a business owner, being a military veteran, as well as just being involved in the place I call home I have what no other person running for Commissioner of District 3 has. I don’t just talk about doing something, I have done it. I have handled everything from multi-million dollars development contracts, I have fought for minorities and people of color against discriminatory regulations, I have opened my own business, I have the qualified experience needed to start working for your interests on day one. More important than my qualified experience is the way I grew up and the things I have lived. I know I will always have the people at the forefront of my decisions, especially those who consistently are forgotten. No longer can we look to failed systems of the past but we must rid ourselves of the unjust decisions and allow all voices to be heard. Inclusion and action not committees and talk are what will move Gwinnett forward.

The future of Gwinnett must be one of the experienced leadership, inclusion, and equality. I am running to make a better future. Historically the third district is one that has been neglected especially the south side. When I first ran for office the common theme for the majority of people living south of Hwy 78 was how nothing was done for them. Whether its transit, development, or innovation that area continues to be forgotten. I will fight not only for the southside but for all the people of District 3 from Centerville to Braselton. Every part deserves to be represented. I know it will be a tough road but I also know that all the things worth doing are hard. Making Gwinnett work for all of us is going to be hard but I have no doubt that with the right leadership it is possible. Join me in a cause worth fighting for.

As a Business owner, past City Councilman, and Military Veteran I have made tough choices. Tough choices are going to have to be made if we are going to push Gwinnett forward.

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